GDG京都 - 2014年忘れ勉強会 (12/13)


もくもく会は、Google Technologyに関係するものではあれば、なんでもOKです。
もちろんHTML5, CSS3, デザインでもOKです。

日時:2014年12月13日(土)14:00~17:00 (受付13:30~)

13:30~14:00 受付
14:00~16:00 もくもく会
16:00~17:00 LT発表





定員:25名 (スタッフ含む)
会場:京都リサーチパーク東地区 KRP1号館地下1F タトラー

English Information of this event.

Thank you very much, you participated in our events in this year.
This is End-of-year study meeting. Each attendee will work on each subject.
For example, programing and hack, google technology and related technology of it.

Data: December 13

Registration starts at 13:30 p.m.UTC+9
Event start from 14:00 p.m. to 17:00 UTC+9
Maximum capacity:25 

14:00~16:00 Attendee will work on each subject of google technology. 
       For example, programing and hack. So you need to bring your PC or your book of reference.

16:00~17:00 Lightning Talk (Now, we have three speakers).

                       At that time, we will enjoy sweets and drinks. It is potluck.
                       You can buy food and drinks by convenience-store.
Conference Place
Kyoto Research Park East Area,  KRP Building #1 BF, Tatler.

Kyoto Research Park
Address: 134 Chudoujiminami-cho, Shimogou-ku, Kyoto-City.

Access to Kyoto Research Park:

Kyoto Reseach Park Area Map

Direction to event location

1. You will go to Kyoto Station.
2. Next, at Kyoto Station, you transfer to Sanin Main Line (Sagano Line) of JR line. Sanin Main Line (Sagano Line) are track number 31~33. 
3. And you get off at Tanbaguchi Station. It's only one stop to Tanbagucti.  Attention: In Tambaguchi Station, only local train will stop.
4. About Direction from Tanbaguchi Station to Kyoto Reseach Park. Please refer to this Kyoto Reseach Park Area Map.

Kyoto Reseach Park Area Map