Android Wear Hackathon (6/7, 6/15)

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Android Wear Hackathon of GDG Kyoto - Link of applications and information,etc

Applications of Android Wear

    • Baby monitor

      • This application respond to a baby cry and give notice to user.

      • A application of Winners in this hackathon

      • 2 Developer and a Designer made it.

      • Photo1, Photo2

    • Time of Drag

    • Notification of update for Github

      • A application for many people who collaborate to use Github.

      • When Github was updated, it give notification to user.

      • A Developer made it.

      • Photo

    • Notification of numerical abnormalities of environmental sensors .

      • To monitor the actual environmental sensor.

      • For example, monitoring of increase of CO2 in a room, it give notification to user.

      • A Developer made it.

      • Photo1,Photo2

    • Android Wear Hack

      • It is not a application, but hacks for Emulator of Android Wear

      • For example, LED, Vibration, Sound, make of layout to use image, Animation GIF.

      • A Developer made it.

      • Photo1, Photo2

Memo of Android Wear Ideathon is here. But I’m sorry, it is Japanese document.

Android Wear Ideathon in Kyoto - memo